Welcome to the Chemnitz digging team!

The Chemnitz digging team opens a new window in the history of the Earth – now start the scientific excavations, because…

Under our feet lies a mysterious treasure!

Chemnitz is a very special city, because it was built on volcanic rock.
291 millions years ago there was a volcanic eruption that buried with volcanic ash a tropical oasis, which was composed of ferns, horsetail trees and needle trees.
That day all life stopped: it was for sure a huge catastrophe!

An enormous disaster it could have been, but surely it is a great chance for us: the volcanic ash preserved the plants and animals that lived there, and now it is possible to dig and study this old forest.

We started digging and we built standing excavation site.

In the following years, the Chemnitz Petrified Forest will be finally, piece after piece, under our and the visitors eyes.

Here it is, the window on the history of the Earth is opening!

Welcome here begins a very special journey!