Scientific excavations and their evaluation are often held largely behind closed doors. We venture the experiment, to break with this approach. For us as a team museum, visitors are at the forefront, especially children, they should be able to find out what a great natural phenomenon lies dormant in our city. The Petrified Forest of Chemnitz surprised and delighted us anew with every fund that we dug out. We would like to share this experience with the people of Chemnitz and their guests.

In recent years, we have had good experiences with sponsorship. Pleased we have found that it specifically in Chemnitz companies is a great willingness to support such a project in the framework of the respective options. We see sponsorship as a process in which both sides benefit. It is important for us to define scopes and objectives in advance exactly, also in order to maintain an appropriate boundary to the flow requirements of Chemnitz. For this, we like to look for a personal conversation with our supporters.